2014 Highlights. Happy Christmas and thank you !

This year seems to have gone so quick but looking back on it, it seems crazy that there’s been so much and thus is so very hard to pick highlights.

 As cliché as it sounds the whole year has been packed with highlights.

 There are the obvious highlights which involved lots of people collaborating with different interests to make something big and varied, like the Aspire Festival in May, Summer of somewhereto_ campaign and Canal Festival. To work with so many different inspirational and talented young people to create something great and colourful all in aid of supporting other young people is mind blowing.
Then there are some of the smaller projects where I’ve got to work with fewer people more intimately and see real inspiration from deep with in such as the Child Action North West Young Carers book project, making the free running video at St Catherine’s and all the other projects linked with the young people involved in that.

Then of course there are the more personal highlights such as getting all the new staff at Culturapedia. I’m loving Plugged In and the work Stephie and Matt do. Getting to watch them nurture this project from inception is awesome! Jack is a pleasure to work with and I’m really feeling we are starting to make a great team with somewhereto_NW projects, I’m very excited to see how we progress in 2015 ! It’s just nice having a bigger Culturapedia family too. Our office is always a buzzing hive of activity these days…
Roll on 2015 !!!