2015, Year of the Blog

So 2015 is upon us and I have a (somewhat enforced) new year’s resolution to put in place. We WILL write more blogs!

N.B. I feel the image of a dog using a computer is entirely relevant so I’m just going to go ahead and leave that there.

We’re always up to plenty of exciting things here at Culturapedia and we think it would be lovely to share them with you in a coherent manner through the medium of blogging. Unfortunately, as a direct result of having so many exciting things going on we quite often forget to do this!

This is all about to change (hopefully), however, as my aim is to make sure at least one team member a week posts a blog. This may be about what they’re up to at the time with our various projects or about something entirely different! Because let’s face it, there’s nothing more fascinating than reading someone else’s random online musings. Naughty sarcasm aside, we will try to keep our posts as informative and interesting as possible rather than blogging for blogging’s sake. Thankfully that shouldn’t be too hard as we’ve got a lot coming up in 2015!

There are of course the spring seasons of Spot On Lancashire and Plugged In to look forward to with some top quality shows and performers popping up all over Lancashire. It is in fact Spot On’s 20th anniversary year (officially at the start of the autumn season), which is quite an achievement, and since our autumn season was one of the most successful ever in terms of sold out shows (70%) it would be great to see that continue into our third decade.

Spot On’s longevity is of course in stark contrast to Plugged In, which is entering just its second season after a successful début in the autumn of last year, thanks to much hard work from Matt and Stephie! The new season is bigger than last year and the shows that have been selected by the community groups are absolutely top drawer. Personally I would steer you in the direction of LIGHT, which looks to be a stunning show which has received truly mind blowing reviews up and down the country.

somewhereto_ looks set to bring us some more amazing events this year, with a number of large scale projects in the pipeline across the region as well as the usual legions of inspiring young people that we have the pleasure of working with, who come to us with some incredible ideas and projects.

As always at Culturapedia we have plenty more adventures going on throughout the year, some that are already in place, and others that will undoubtedly crop up along the way. We will be sure to keep you all posted as to our many goings on and hopefully, if I stick to my new year’s resolution, we will be blogging about them all too!

Happy New Year one and all!