A legacy that lives on…

Olympic ParkThis summer I was stood on a rather strange and twisted red sculpture teetering over the most extraordinary view; the Olympic and Paralympic stadium. A 360 degree enclosure where, from a mile in each direction, the floor literally rumbled with the roars and fervour of an audience cheering inside.

This audience who – like me – were whipped into the exciting whirlwind of the Olympic and Paralympic Games had travelled in their drones to attend an event far too exhilarating to ignore. Even I, the alleged hater of all sports, had become fixated with the Olympics and now breathing in the atmosphere at the Olympic Park I could fully appreciate – from my eagle eye perspective – what all the fuss was about.

Working on Legacy Trust UK project somewhereto_ has meant I have immersed myself with the Olympic and Paralympic Games more than most. In this privileged position I have assisted a nationwide team in supporting and fulfilling the creative ambitions of young people. Slightly ambiguous you may argue. Well to explain somewhereto_ in its most basic terms it is a project that finds free space for young people aged 16 – 25 to do, well, whatever they want to do!

The young people I work with are incredible. They are exploding with talent (obviously not literally!) and one of the purposes of my being at the Olympic and Paralympic Park was to show off to our international audience the very best of somewhereto_ talent.

For example Jordan Richards, a 19 year old singer and guitarist from Darwen, (who can belt out some pretty impressive stop-you-in-your-tracks vocals) has enjoyed many opportunities offered by somewhereto_ and, unlike the cold panel of a rather bemused Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and two replaceable pretty faces, somewhereto_ will provide a more substantial support system to help recognise and nurture this young talent.

So, if like me you also felt slightly extinguished when they put out the Olympic and Paralympic flame then take comfort in the knowledge that there are other fantastic projects out there like somewhereto_ which are driven in carrying on the spirit – the legacy – of the London 2012 Games. Like encouraging the development of young talent we must ensure that we support such projects like somewhereto_ in their work so we can help inspire a generation and furthermore, to keep on inspiring ourselves!