Culturapedia exists to give ideas legs. Our vision is to be a leading light in the cultural landscape. Our mission is to facilitate human evolution through creative encounters.

That may sound bold. But why be half hearted? We know through experience, that engagement with creativity can bring about change, development and evolution. It happened to us, and we see it happening to others.

“People are generally better at everything if they can live and work in their element”

Professor Sir Ken Robinson

We have five fundamental values. We believe that our work should be fun and enjoyable; that we should do work with purpose; that new and good ideas inspire us; that we love adventures, big and small, and that we will value and respect whom we work with if they do the same for us.

Culturapedia is a new word and a philosophical idea. It represents the evolution of a company, (Robinson Howell Partnership); a reflection of what we want to achieve and an ambition to embrace change.

If you have ideas you want to pursue, or problems to be solved creatively, come and talk to us.

Culturapedia (kʌltʃʊrapi:diə)

(noun) Used only in the singular, though holding within it a vast plurality. In some usage indicating a small group of people being the repository of a vast knowledge, usually artistic or cultural. There being also the sense of this knowledge as essential to a full life; in Greek Epicurean sense of a good life, within and without, in the city and in the soul, and Aristotelian exploration of eudemonia (εὐδαιμονία), happiness through the cultivation of well-being and human flourishing. The word thus contains a very strong sense of the necessity of artistic/cultural elements in the development of the life and health of the individual, communities and society.


(noun) One who may direct others in the great cultural quest. Generally taken as leading a group of culturapedes. Also one who connects all the various agencies, artistic traditions and needs of communities and individuals in the search for cultural development.

First usage January 2011. For etymology read Culturapedia definition.