Student gigs in village halls?

  “Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” Aaron Levenstein.   The above quote by Levenstein is certainly true. It is becoming increasingly apparent to us that geographical data can have the same effect. Researchers and data crunchers need to be careful. Flawed research is used […]


My week with Culturapedia

Coming into this week, I wasn’t 100% sure exactly what to expect, but was looking forward to chatting with the always smiling, excited and bubbly Lyndsey again. Once I had endured the bus ride and finally found the office (not as hard as I’m making it sound, I’m just ditzy), I entered the office and […]


Sabbatical refresh

Over the past couple of years both Culturapedia directors have taken time out from the  business to study. It’s a long time since both of us sat in a lecture theatre and it’s been a fascinating experience. First of all Rob enrolled on a Masters degree in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship At Erasmus University in […]


Brexit week 5: Call for the right kind of passion

On the whole business leaders don’t get passionate about politics – at least not publicly. We hide behind being professional for fear of upsetting anyone be they supplier or customer. We are often cynical about the political motives of business,  for example are they claiming to be green just to increase sales – green-washing, or […]


Bringing high quality children’s work to rural Lancashire – Spot On Lancashire

Spot On Lancashire’s Company Manager Lyndsey Wilson talks to Big Imaginations about Spot On Lancashire, working with local volunteers and non-traditional venues, and the benefits that come with being a member of the Big Imaginations network  Spot On currently offers a curated menu of professional theatre to 48 rural venues and 58 libraries across Lancashire. The […]


Brexit week 4: A manifesto for the arts in Pennine Lancashire

Today is the annual Lancashire Arts Exchange at The Boo in Waterfoot with the theme of challenging, subverting and stimulating. One of the exciting things on today’s agenda is the launch of a manifesto for the arts organisations of Pennine Lancashire. If after Brexit, the UK is in danger of becoming an irrelevant country and […]


Brexit week 3. Losing soft power

I have recently completed a Masters Degree in Rotterdam in Cultural Economics as a mature student. My classmates, some of the brightest young people from all over the world, have, since the Brexit vote, dismissed the UK as irrelevant to their future ambitions. Today’s bright international graduates are tomorrow’s decision makers. I have spent a […]


Brexit week 2: Europe or bust

Last week we got an e-bulletin from Bash Street, a company that we have worked with in the past, talking about their fantastic European tour this Summer and their fears about how border controls will affect them next year. They also toured to Turkey, not in the EU and described the considerable amount of work […]


Brexit week 1: The art and business of Brexit politics

Yesterday a group of 70 business leaders, in a letter to The Times, came out for another referendum on the Brexit issue. These were the big guns. Who will publish the views of leaders of micro-businesses like Culturapedia? Culturapedia has never ignored politics but neither has it campaigned. Traditionally, politics, with a big ‘P’ has meant […]


Additional booking fees

The Lowry, one of the North-West’s most esteemed venues, is guilty of conning the public over ticket prices and hiding behind small print on their publicity or several web clicks. Strong words but the advertised price is never what you pay. There is always a £1.50 booking fee per ticket. A booking fee when you […]