Common Lore by Stute Theatre

I must declare an interest in this review. Spot On commissioned Common Lore in 2017 as part of our strategic touring project in Lancashire and Cheshire libraries, It was a challenging brief, a show that would appeal to 16 to 25 year olds and work in libraries. Commissioned by Spot On, developed in partnership with […]


Two new storytelling commissions for Darwen and Burnley

We have two great opportunities for someone to develop a new piece of ‘storytelling’ work. One is targeted at young adults with learning difficulties and the other focusing on local stories and folklore. Both £3,000 commissions are to produce  scratch performances with the potential to develop them, with support in raising additional funding if suitable. The deadline for […]


A Beginners Guide to Visiting Edinburgh Fringe

    This weekend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicks off. The largest arts festival of it’s kind in the world and this year there are over 3000 different shows on offer. 3000 shows, sounds like an awful lot of shows, even to somebody, who eats, drinks and sleeps theatre.


The Culturapedia Sounds of Summer Mixtape

It has been a while since we’ve done a team mix tape.  As I type, the sun has finally come out so grab your deck chair, pour yourself an ice cold glass of lemonade and don your headphones to listen to Culturapedia’s recommendations for Summer listening. Sue Track Artist Echo Beach Martha and the Muffins […]


Beyond this place there be dragons- republished from May 2015

I first published this blog in May 2015. I’ve re-published it 6 days after the UK EU referendum. I’m struggling  at the moment  to think of something to write, that’s purely about art and culture.    This is my personal blog, so I’m going to get a few things out of my system. To see if […]


Children’s Theatre – Why you should leave the cushions in the car

It’s weeks like this I really appreciate how much I love my job. There aren’t many people who can say they spent the week hosting children’s theatre in library spaces, playing with puppets, listening to giggling children and recording the joy on their faces as they totally immerse themselves in the thing they are watching… […]


Yes yes yes to Europe

We are a small business that strongly advocates remaining in Europe. We keep hearing that the world of business is divided – this may be the case. We have never been asked and it is hard to find places to log our position. There are lots of reasons why we should stay in and we […]


Taking stock… March

Hello everyone! March has been an odd month here at Culturapedia HQ. We’ve had some disappointing news but we’ve soldiered on, and dust is beginning to settle. Rob has been back from the Rotterdam office for a couple of weeks, which has been nice, and of course we finished the month off with a good […]


Method and process v’s instinct and sheer luck – How to programme for rural touring

This week sees the culmination of over two months worth of work; hours of research, one to one phone calls, emails, youtube clips, soundcloud excerpts and good old fashioned paper post sifting. How did I celebrate completion of this HUGE piece of work?…. I sent an email. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely […]


Spot On’s Spring Sell-Out Success! (SOS SOS)

It’s somehow officially spring already, even though I’m sure I was taking down my Christmas decorations only the other day. Not that I’m complaining about the upturn in weather by any means. Perhaps the reason we seem to have got here so quickly is that we’re already well into the Spot On “spring” season, which […]