Artist needed for participatory touring digital arts project

Could you run a participatory digital arts project, assisted and shadowed by an apprentice artist, working with groups of young people from Blackburn, Preston and Manchester to prepare something to present at Blackburn Festival, Manchester Mega Mela and Preston Mela?

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Culturapedia are partners in the North West Mela & Festivals Partnership. An Arts Council funded Strategic Touring Project along with Nutkhut, The Blackburn Festival, Manchester Mega Mela and Preston Mela. The partnership was founded with the specific aim of targeting areas of low engagement and participation – developing a cultural programme of activity to reach Asian audiences in the North West of England. The partners are working in collaboration to attract a range of people to both new and existing artistic work.

We are open minded as to what is produced. It could be a film, a presentation, a sound piece, an animation…. It needs to be something that can be presented at an outdoor festival,so bear in mind that there won’t necessarily be a nice blacked out space. There will be a mini cinema, in a container, on site but this will be being used for other things at the prime points of the events. Each event has a stage but anything that uses the stage will need to be short. It may be something that can be seen on smart phones but we do want a piece that is designed to be presented at the events. We want the young people involved to attend the events and ‘present’ the work.

We will help recruit the young people through somewhereto_. There is an inclusive budget of £7,500.

For more details and information on how to apply, download the Project Brief.