The adventures of Rob

Common Lore by Stute Theatre

I must declare an interest in this review. Spot On commissioned Common Lore in 2017 as part of our strategic touring project in Lancashire and Cheshire libraries, It was a challenging brief, a show that would appeal to 16 to 25 year olds and work in libraries. Commissioned by Spot On, developed in partnership with […]


The Culturapedia Sounds of Summer Mixtape

It has been a while since we’ve done a team mix tape.  As I type, the sun has finally come out so grab your deck chair, pour yourself an ice cold glass of lemonade and don your headphones to listen to Culturapedia’s recommendations for Summer listening. Sue Track Artist Echo Beach Martha and the Muffins […]


Yes yes yes to Europe

We are a small business that strongly advocates remaining in Europe. We keep hearing that the world of business is divided – this may be the case. We have never been asked and it is hard to find places to log our position. There are lots of reasons why we should stay in and we […]


When I grow up I want to drive a bus

It’s great when you can sometimes take the opportunity of exploring someone else’s world. This week we have had the amazing Java Dance Company touring Pennine Lancashire with their show Back of the Bus. This couldn’t have been possible without the support of Transdev who gave us a double decker bus and drivers for a […]


Adventures in Rotterdam

We are living in interesting times. We were all surprised by the election result last week which goes to show us that the future can not be predicted with ease. At Culturapedia we know that change is good and that we need to be in a continuous state of evolution. We like this – one […]


Why the arts need graphic snobs

Yesterday afternoon I received a poster, via email, from another arts organisation and we wonder why the arts isn’t always taken seriously. The percentage of arts funding that gets spent on marketing is tiny compared to most companies selling things. I checked and in 2012 Unilever spent 16.75% of its turnover on advertising. Culturapedia’s equivalent was […]


2014 in numbers

I’ve just completed an exercise for APPL, (Arts Partners in Pennine Lancashire) that involved gathering together a load of figures and statistics for advocacy purposes. My inner geek was surprised at what a fascinating task it was. I was also amazed by some of the figures. I have prepared the infographic below with some of the key […]


The cakes of 2014

Friends of Culturapedia will know that Culturapedes like a bit of cake. We have two birthdays a year. Our birth one and our Culturapedia one. It’s been a mixed up year with Culturapedes coming and going. Lyndsey and Pete both had their full quota in 2014. Stephie’s had her real one but Jack and Matt are […]


More caravan adventures

  Poor Ellie, the famous Culturapedia Caravan, could be excused for feeling a bit left out this year. Back in the early Spring, Culturapedia became the proud carers of yet another caravan, called Blythe, with a new and challenging project in store.   Blythe is the caravan, transformed by Rob into a post office […]


My first day at Culturapedia

Last but by no means least with his first day reflections is Jack, our new Communications Coordinator.  First days are always filled with huge amounts of information followed by a dawning realisation that none of it has been retained. Today we definitely drank tea and ate chips and sat in a caravan. Two caravans to […]