The adventures of Stephie

Spot On Outdoor Commission Burnley 2020

Spot On have secured funding from Arts Council England to commission an outdoor arts performance in 2020. This is the second commission in what we hope will be a long series of commissions over the next few years. The plan is for the finished piece to premiere at Thompson Park, Burnley in summer 2020 with […]


A Beginners Guide to Visiting Edinburgh Fringe

    This weekend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicks off. The largest arts festival of it’s kind in the world and this year there are over 3000 different shows on offer. 3000 shows, sounds like an awful lot of shows, even to somebody, who eats, drinks and sleeps theatre.


Taking stock… March

Hello everyone! March has been an odd month here at Culturapedia HQ. We’ve had some disappointing news but we’ve soldiered on, and dust is beginning to settle. Rob has been back from the Rotterdam office for a couple of weeks, which has been nice, and of course we finished the month off with a good […]


Plugged In Phase 1 Comes to a Sparkly End…

Last month the first phase of our strategic touring project, Plugged In, came to an end. While we wait to hear about funding for the next phase we’ve been looking back at everything the project achieved over the year and a half (ish) that we were working. We’ve put together a sparkly document celebrating all […]


2015, a year in the world of Plugged In…

Festive Greetings everyone! We may have gotten into the holiday spirit a little earlier this year, but that only gives us all the more time to reflect on the year that has passed, right?   It’s been quite a year not only for Plugged In but Culturapedia in general. I feel as if 2015 has […]


The end of the Spring Summer Plugged In Season

  I can’t believe we have finished the Spring Summer 15, and second ever Plugged In season. To put it all down on paper and see all the shows next to one another, feels a little bit like having climbed a very large mountain and only noticing the view when you get to the top […]


they grow up so quick…

This week I celebrate my first birthday. I know what you’re thinking, I’m pretty tall for a 1 year old, but as you can see from the photo above, I’ve always looked exactly the same, so what’s another year passing? Well, some years tend to be more significant than others, and my first year as a […]


What it is like to have a job your Nan doesn’t understand…

  I don’t come from an ‘arty’ family. My Mum is still disappointed that her love of football hasn’t rubbed off on me, and when my Dad saw some contemporary dance once, he deduced that it must have been about soup. This is fine by me, sometimes I don’t get contemporary dance either, and that […]


I’m sorry, I just don’t have the January blues…

Hey folks, how are you Tall? Counting down the days until the Christmas break again or your summer holiday? Well prepare to hate me, but I am genuinely loving being back at work! Mainly because I am so excited about the shows and groups we are working with this season. We kick off Spring 2015 […]


6 months at Culturapedia; the work that stood out in between the cakes…

Dare I start this post with yet another cliché about just how fast this year has gone? Well, no, because I haven’t been here at Culturapedia for a whole year. But the last 6 months? They truly have flown by!   As new as Matt and I were, so was the project we had taken […]