The adventures of Stephie

Stephie – It is quite possible I am holding the map upside down

Today I received my login details for blogging here at Culturapedia. This is very exciting although I am little worried that the pressure to go on adventures might be a little too much for me. I am not a natural adventurer, to say the least. I’ve been here three months now and I have only […]


What it is like to have a job your Nan doesn’t understand…

  I don’t come from an ‘arty’ family. My Mum is still disappointed that her love of football hasn’t rubbed off on me, and when my Dad saw some contemporary dance once, he deduced that it must have been about soup. This is fine by me, sometimes I don’t get contemporary dance either, and that […]


Plugged In Phase 1 Comes to a Sparkly End…

Last month the first phase of our strategic touring project, Plugged In, came to an end. While we wait to hear about funding for the next phase we’ve been looking back at everything the project achieved over the year and a half (ish) that we were working. We’ve put together a sparkly document celebrating all […]


Why do we love engagement but feel a bit “yucky” about marketing?

  When I first joined Culturapedia, my job title was “Programmer and Community Engagement Coordinator for the Plugged In project” catchy, I know – my lanyards were HUGE. It was a title I was proud to have. It mixed the perfect blend of art and community, and importantly, to me at the time, was not […]