The adventures of Sue

Beyond this place there be dragons- republished from May 2015

I first published this blog in May 2015. I’ve re-published it 6 days after the UK EU referendum. I’m struggling  at the moment  to think of something to write, that’s purely about art and culture.    This is my personal blog, so I’m going to get a few things out of my system. To see if […]


Why you should love a fairy over 40

I started out my career in the arts being a casual stage technician at the Derby Assembly Rooms, way back in a time of crimped hair, patchouli oil and pixie boots (first time round)   I loved being back stage,  feeling the buzz  of anticipation, as the show was about to begin. All my school […]


Director Sue’s thoughts on looking for work in the arts

Dear IDS: jobs in the arts- a little window on our world We’ve been listening closely to the comments in the news about the profound availability of jobs for those hard working people who really want them, or that, far worse, ye gods, that the UK is going to be swamped, SWAMPED by people from […]


Off on our way to Guild 2012

Culturapedia Director Sue is cooking up a project for the Preston Guild 2o12 in partnership with Dutch location theatre company PeerGroup. Its early days but momentum will soon start to take place. As part of this work she went out to visit the company in their home province, Drenthe, in the North East Netherlands to understand their work, its context and to […]


Ellie Cootes writes about her placement with Culturapedia

In September Culturapedia had the opportunity of working with Lancaster University Graduate, Ellie Cootes. She now has a ‘proper job’ working as an Activities Coordinator for Lancaster University Student’s Union. Here she writes a bit more about her time working with us. “I am currently writing this from my new office at my new job, […]


Who Needs The Arts?… We All Do!

We’ve just helped to produce a new leaflet which advocates some of the many arts organisations based within Pennine Lancashire. For more information visit the blog and have your say! WhoNeedsTheArts_PDF.pdf View this file