Away days and play days

We¬†went for an away day last week. The adventurous band of seven culturapedes (I’ve included the dog) braved the elements and ventured far and wide across the expansive landscape known to others as Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Each intrepid explorer was tasked with thinking about Culturapedia, its values and what it means to them as individuals. I decided to contemplate the park through automatic writing and photography. Somewhere along the line the park became an analogy for culturapedia, cue lots of symbolic references to walled safe spaces where new talent can be nurtured and knowledge transferred. It also seems clear to me in retrospect that I imply some sort of urge to escape from the park, therefore to escape from Culturapedia. I’d like to go on record to explain that I see the escape as an urge for us to diversify into new adventures rather than me packing my bags and leaving the building ūüôā

So the rule was see a thing which interests you, stop, click, write then walk. It was often combined with eat a section of packed lunch which was very satisfying.


In¬†the park* there are¬†BIG¬†thoughts and¬†small¬†dreams. Buds and shoots, branching out into bigger things. After all, weeds are just unwanted plants and nothing should be wasted. There are rocks to ‘stay for a bit’ and hide and seek trees. ‘Eight, nine ten ready-or-nots’ protected behind safe walls.

*Being new at Culturapedia

I¬†want to touch it*, but I can’t quite capture it. It won’t fit across the page and somehow I can’t quite read it. Maybe I need to learn how to read the code.

*Me and


A¬†magpie tempted me to look outside but the sky was grey and I didn’t know where the road led. The walls held me in even though the gate was open. I chose to stay inside.

*The uncertainty of the arts in the present climate



There are bees that buzz for honey

There are bees that buzz for fun

But the bees are busy buzzing

They’re not wasting time or glum

So we’ll be like bees, keep busy

We will work cos working works

We shall carry on regardless

Of the fact that ACE are burks

I¬†must stop and take a breath, it has been a steep climb and I haven’t had the chance to catch up with my head, my lungs, my heart beating fast.

‘Seamus, you will always be in my heart’ but you are only one of the cogs in the wheel, and I haven’t spent enough time watching the clouds speed past me. It’s so much windier on this side of the field. Lets just sit and take a look at it all… Lovely.



Please do not touch the artwork on the table.. on the floor.. on the wall.. suspended from the ceiling.. enclosed within four walls, some of which are glass.

Please feel free to touch anything outside the gallery, in fact go on.. we dare you.. double dare… no backsies.


Too¬†windy to write in my air conditioned house. It blew out the cobwebs and all remaining ideas. ‘A good clear out’, that’s what was needed. Is that a positive spin on the NPO funding decisions?





Three¬†different approaches to cracks in my armour. Is the wall letting something out or in? I’ve got this compulsion to climb over and see what’s outside… Just more fields.






71 steps, I only counted 68, maybe long roads can be shorter than you think!





I¬†don’t want to be a sheep so I’ll stay out of the pen and bleet somewhere people can hear me.




Culturapedia: A tree with sturdy roots and broad branches. Unconventional. Protecting the deer. Admiring the view and shaping the landscape.