Basically – it’s a verbal tic

Basically, to be honest, the whole situation is that at the end of the day he turned around and said “in terms of”.

It used to be that verbal tics were things like ‘um’ and ‘er’. At Culturapedia towers, we seem to becoming increasingly conscious of the tic phrases that have, probably, always been there.

The most common seem to be the ones in the first sentence of this blog but they’re so ubiquitous that there are probably many more that we don’t even notice.

We used to tease poor Jaffer about his spinning friends, “He turned around and said… then I turned around and said…”

On Sunday I listened to the omnibus edition of the Archers and noticed that every other character seemed to say “to be honest” at some point – even characters like Linda Snell who I’m sure would never really say it.

They’re so ingrained in our conversational language that a script without them might seem odd and stilted.

There are other words that get over used in written work. We get a lot of press releases for and copy about theatre productions for Spot On Rural Touring – we treasure the ones that avoid the words ‘Unique’ and ‘Innovative’. They’ve become meaningless fillers and things read much more fluently without them. When preparing copy for – they’re the first thing we cut out.

Lyndsey read this and decided that this is what a verbal tic looks like

photo (3)

Lyndsey aged 33 1/2