Bliping Eck!

Blippers Blipping

For over a year now I have been a member of blipfoto and it has led to a lot of good things.

Now I don’t consider myself to be creative but when Cath came home one day and said a friend of hers Caroline Eccles was a member of a website where she posts a picture a day and that she was going to join up. I quickly decided that I would give it a go. So here I am about a year and a half down the road I haven’t posted a blip every day but I have a sizeable journal from that period. In a lot of ways my blips were a conversation with Cath and when she stopped bliping I tried to maintain my input but it wasn’t the same. I now post occasionally but only when I find something I find interesting or amusing. I have not gone out to look for something in a while. It doesn’t help that the council has gated off the ginnels so I don’t get to explore the hidden places as much as I like. What I am now constantly aware of is the light and those momentary flashes of an image that would make a good blip.

What of the good things I hear you ask, Caroline is now a close friend and we have been adopted into a group of people who are known collectively as the Accrington Wild Swimmers. Cath and I have decided that we are going to say yes to as many opportunities that life throws at us, especially if they include a swim. We are losing weight, exercising and loading up on vitamin “D” so that the next grey winter wont find us so de-motivated. I have participated in a promenade performance and my friends organise a Ceilidh for me and my birthday twin Cherie¬†who is also a blipper.


Caroline, Cath and Cherie the Three Seas

Our next swimming venue is on the River Hodder where J.R.R. Tolkien used to walk and draw his inspiration for the Lord of the Rings. I hope we don’t meet any Orcs, Trolls, Hobgoblins or any other of the many races and species he wrote oh so much about.

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