Busy doing something…

Dear Blog,

It has been two months since my last¬†confession¬†blog… I have no excuse other than busy-ness, which I’m actually pretty proud of to be down right honest.

In a world where jobs are hard to come by and funding is frugal, it’s safe to say we’ve been keeping ourselves busy in the office, and somehow since we decided to take on a collection of placement students I’ve never been busier!

We currently have two MSc Project Management students from Lancaster University working on a subscription project for mailout.co. It’s a great feeling to know that they have the skills, dedication and time to commit to resolving our posed question and in turn they are making me think hard about decisions we have already made, relationships we have brokered and are yet to broker and how we view our subscribers, contributors and partners.

At the same time we’re hosting Nudrat, who is with us as part of a shared Future Jobs Fund post with Spot On Lancashire and Cheshire Rural Touring. I’ve been stealing Nudrat’s talents in film-making to work towards new guides for subscribing to mailout and some staff training videos, because here at Culturapedia we don’t waste natural talents!

We’ve also taken on an MA Journalism student from the University of Central Lancashire for a month long placement. As a previous graduate of UCLan I love the opportunity to support students from my own backyard and our month of extra journalism support from Kerry has been a great help to us as well as to her portfolio (we hope!).

Sitting here typing away at my computer I have to keep reminding myself that one year ago there were only three of us in the office (four if you include the dog). Today, there are so many in that I am sat downstairs at a laptop because we needed the desks for other work! But it’s a great feeling to know we’re busy, thriving and generating opportunities for new people to get their own unique experience of working in the arts. It makes me wish there was something like this in my day… hmmm, well actually I think there have always been opportunities like this but you had to look hard and push hard to get them.