Charlie’s Thoughts On July

July has been mostly wet, with a chance of rain and a hint of downpour, it’s been so bad I’ve not even felt like going out for a walk for fear I’d have to swim home. So my word of the month is ‘drenched’ and it looks like it’s going to stay that way until Christmas.

As you can tell, I’m in a grump and I don’t plan on dragging myself out of it. Everyone seems so busy and all they want to do is eat biscuits and cake and chocolate and then they don’t bother to give any to the starving Labrador in the corner, oh no, they just sit and work and leave me to it. Well, I might be exaggerating there a bit; I mean Sue and Lyndsey played a very strange game with me last week. It involved a big pile of audience questionnaires, chocolate drops and me. Basically they kept putting chocolate drops on the floor on top of the piles and then whichever drop I ate first was the pile I’d chosen. Very unfair if you ask me – they kept taking the chocolate away, and then putting it back and I was very confused… but at least I got some chocolate that day. Apparently it was to select the winner of the Spot On prize draw, I chose a lady called Sally from Barnoldswick – maybe Sally will bring me some chocolate drops?

Rob’s been really busy writing school reports, I thought that was what the teachers did for the pupils, but he says he has to do it for his practitioners, what with him being an agent and all… I don’t get all this terminology. He’s been out on an agent’s day again in Avenham Park; he could have taken me, but no… he didn’t. He took Lyndsey to Pendle Vale College and they worked with some pupils there to help them think about their future and the type of activities they might want to get involved in, but he didn’t take me (I’m sulking). When he’s not going off being an ‘agent’ he’s in the office doing mailout. Sounds to me like big things are happening, he’s written a lot of stuff about the magazine and the future – I didn’t know Rob could see into the future but from what he says I think mailout is definitely in it.

On the other side of the office, Sue has been busy using her enormous brain to calculate the sums that make Spot On happen. Lyndsey and Sue have been busy making the autumn brochure and getting things ready for the start of the autumn season and they’ve been off to see some people in Preston about ‘The Guild’. It sounds very ominous… I’m not sure who ‘The Guild’ are, but there were a lot of them and they had to present something in front of a big group and they got asked lots of questions. I suppose I’ll find out more soon enough.

Sue went to Essex for the NRTF, I think it was a conference for Naughty, Rebellious Theatre Fans but Sue says it’s the National Rural Touring Forum. She spent a whole week with some Canadians and she talked to lots of Swedes…aren’t they a vegetable?

Then when she came back she had some meetings with some new promoters who are going to start putting shows on in their village halls in spring next year. I like the Spot On promoters, they are always really excited and enthusiastic about their job. I just wish they’d put on more shows for dogs – I’ll fill out a questionnaire and make sure that comment is in there. Speaking of the questionnaires, we had a new member of staff in the office this month, Eoin has been helping Lyndsey and Sue. He has been putting all the information from the questionnaires into the computer so they can use it for reports. It can’t have been a very fun job but he seemed to enjoy reading all the comments from the audiences and looking at some of the drawings they did.

Apart from having a whole week off, Lyndsey has been glued to her chair this month. I’m worried she’s going to get square eyes if she stares at the computer screen any longer. She’s been planning her workload and is being very productive, the Spot On brochure is done, the tickets are on order, the website is being worked on… she says she just needs to find a cure for world hunger and establish world peace next Tuesday by 5pm and then she’s got everything done on her list. I wish I could be as enthusiastic as she is. So she can do more work remotely, Rob and Sue are getting her an iBone for.. What’s an iBone for?… I want an iBone! Lyndsey says it’s something to do with Apples, so I ate an apple core today in the office, I’m waiting for the delivery of my iBone, and I hope it’s a big one.