Charlie Brown is 100!

Networking Manager, chief lunch sniffer and enthusiastic greeter – all job roles which Charles Robinson Howell Brown has taken in his stride during his employment at Culturapedia. Lyndsey Wilson catches up with Culturapedia’s oldest employee as he reaches his centenary.

On the 3rd June 2015 Charlie Brown will be 100 in dog years. It’s roughly 14.285714 human years, and whilst that doesn’t seem all that old for a human, we’re exceptionally proud that this very well looked after dog is still going strong. True, he’s not quite so spritely on his feet any longer, his eyes and his ears are failing him a little and we won’t even go into some of the delightful odours the team are treated to from time to time – but wouldn’t you be the same if you were 100?

Charlie came to live with Rob and Sue from another owner in St Albans, his previous owners struggled a bit with managing the rather energetic Charlie and so he made his way to Blackburn where he has worked up the ranks at Culturapedia to the lofty position of Networking Manager. His original family are still in touch and they send gifts and cards every Christmas. That’s the thing about Charlie Brown, once met, never forgotten.

Over the past few years, as the company has expanded, Charlie has had a long list of friends and visitors who have all been greeted with the same dogged enthusiasm (Pardon the pun). There is something wonderful about having a canine friend in the office – even if all he does is sleep soundly under the table, that soft snore is very relaxing and certainly soothing when there’s a deadline looming or a difficult day of thinking ahead.

In his years at Culturapedia, Charles has been quoted in The Guardian, built up an avid blog following, transferred his blog followers into Facebook followers and even had badges stating ‘I met Charlie Brown’ printed in his honour.

When asked about his plans for the day, he hoped a Bonio would come his way and that the team might give him a tickle or two in between naps in various positions on the office floor.

On behalf of the whole team, we wish him a Happy Birthday and here’s to many more!