Charlie’s Blog for June

My word… another month gone! And what do I have to show for it?… Well, I’ve had a lovely holiday!

So the word of the month for me is ‘holiday’. I took Rob and Sue away for a couple of weeks (well somebody had to hold the camera and pitch the tent) and left Lyndsey to run the office while we enjoyed a selection of Scottish Islands. I went to Arran, Islay and Jura and had a very relaxing time, mostly jumping in the sea, chatting to local deer and walking Rob and Sue. I liked it so much I even brought a few friends home with me (sheep ticks) but they’ve gone now which everyone seems really pleased about.

While we were away Lyndsey had a fun time in the office, she’s been doing something technical with all our websites again, apparently there’s a things called Posterous and you write to it and then all your websites and social networking thingy me bobs all post the same information. I don’t understand all this stuff but she says it is saving her lots of time and meaning she can contact lots more people with one piece of information. Sounds a bit preposterous to me… get it?!

Lyndsey and Paul Hartley did some work together about the Plugged In project, she had to go all the way to Rhyddings School to show the pupils there how to work the fantastic database of arts activities she built for them and she had a bit of an adventure to Darwen on the way back. She has also had her hours increased so that she can do more things with mailout magazine so I get to see her for a whole extra day a week!

Rob has been off out with his Creative Partnershipping again, he did a creative facilitation day with Cath Ford at the Solaris Centre in Blackpool, they had lots of fun and Cath made a fantastic photo collage of all the things they created.

The team left me to manage the office last week while they had an away day in Belthorn, any excuse for pie and chips at the The Dog (how appropriate). Many important changes at RHP were discussed and much pie was eaten, but at least they brought me some chips home so I didn’t totally miss out on the day.

Did I mention I was in The Guardian a few weeks back? There was a work related dilemma about office dogs and I felt compelled to reply with my perspective. I got Lyndsey to post it to my blog; you can have a read and let me know your thoughts on office dogs. I’m pro office dog myself. Of course because I got in The Guardian, Rob got jealous and had to get in on it too, so last week he discovered that he was in it as a cartoon drawn by the Visual Minutes Company at a Curious Minds event he attended. I got Lyndsey to post that one too so Rob didn’t feel left out. I suppose it’s just Sue and Lyndsey left, I wonder what they’ll do to get in the papers?

Speaking of Sue she has been busily programming the next Spot On season. She says it’s a bit like doing a big jigsaw, and sometimes you don’t have all the pieces, but I know she’ll figure it out soon. She is currently suffering from a serious case of answer-ma-phone-itus, lots of people to call and lots of answering machine messages heard, maybe everyone is on holiday? Speaking of which, I could do with another.