Charlie’s Thoughts on August… and September

Let me begin with an apology to my faithful blog readers, I am fully aware it is mid September and I haven’t even blogged August yet. Well I’ve been busy ok… it’s tough being a Labrador in a busy working environment, sometimes you just have to prioritise… and I had a bone that I needed to work on.

My word of the month(s) is ‘hectic’, seems like nothing ever stops in this place… well, I say that but I did manage a holiday to the kennels in August, Rob and Sue went to Pisa and Lyndsey is literally packing her bags as a I type as she jets off for a holiday in Crete this week, that’s why I thought it was time to blog again, I go a bit quiet when she’s not around.

We started August with Rob’s birthday, best not say how old he was but he’s still not as old as I am. Nine and a half times seven makes me sixty six and a half. I should be getting my bus pass by now. He got a very interesting book about caravans, they look like really big kennels to me, and maybe I shall get myself one when I retire.

Cath Ford came to see me, she said it was to discuss plans for all the Creative Partnerships stuff she’d be doing in the new term but I knew it was really so she could tickle my ears while I fell asleep on her foot.

A nice man from the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce came to see Rob and Sue. It all sounds very grand, I think it’s a big palace where people talk about shopping, Rob and Sue said that they are joining so maybe I’ll get to visit. What with Chambers of Commerce, Rob’s Lunar Group and Sue’s DINNER Club, me and Lyndsey are starting to feel a bit left out. Maybe we’ll start a club… perhaps the Association for Anyone who Regularly Goes Holidaying (AARGH), I think everyone needs a bit of AARGH in their lives.

Yet another acronym thingy-bob keeps getting mentioned in the office and this one is really cruel. Rob has started a LEAD course, now I’m sure we’d all agree that talking about leads is not kind when one has no intention of walking one’s Labrador… people should be more careful when they invent these names! Anyway, he’s got some funding from Business Link so he can go on his ‘LEAD’ course. And Sue has just come back from ‘The Claw’, she says it’s a Clore short course about change management but I think that Clore sounds like the baddie from a Marvel comic, and really, what is change management? Is it where you count all the money in your pocket?

So, as the guard dog of the office I’ve spent a lot of time meeting and greeting the many visitors we’ve had, Louise the Business Angel has been back to make Rob and Sue think about their core values, I was a bit upset that ‘Labrador’ wasn’t one of the key words on the list. Julian from Action Factory came to see Rob and they decided who was going to design the new mailout website – it’s really exciting because we’re not going to be doing a paper version of the magazine anymore, nope, it’s all going electronic. So, Source Creative are going to build us a fantastic website so that we can upload articles and people all over the world can read and contribute.

Sue has been all over, she’s still working on something for Preston Guild and she’s busy sorting out a big meeting in Manchester about routes to employment for young people. In amongst all that she went to Edinburgh Fringe for a week and spotted some new talent for the next Spot On season, and she’s nearly finished building the menu for the Spot On Promoters to select their shows for Spring 2011. Sue is always busy looking into the future and she does it all without a crystal ball, we’re just about to start the Autumn 2010 season and she’s already planning Autumn 2011!

This week Sue flies to Canada, (she says it’s not a holiday) she’s going to see lots of artists who want to work in the UK, maybe they’ll be in the next Spot On brochure? I just hope she brings me back a moose… or a bear… or even some maple syrup.

Lyndsey is off on a well deserved holiday to Crete this week, maybe she’ll bring me some feta cheese and some olives? She’s already been to Edinburgh and spent three days rushing from one show to another, again I have to question whether it really was work, but she says she did enjoy going up there and being part of the Fringe. When she came back all the publicity for the Spot On season was ready to be parcelled up and sent out, some most of the time I’ve just listened to Lyndsey parcelling up packages with the scary brown tape dispenser. At least she has a nice man called Tom who comes and collects the parcels; he’s our Spot On courier.

Everyone keeps taking about cuts and I don’t think they mean cuts of meat or other interesting things to eat. It’s all a bit worrying as I’m told that my food is paid for with arts pounds.  There’s a big campaign called ‘I Value the Arts’.  Sue has started tweeting about where arts pounds end up.  Some of them in my food bowl.

Everyone has been so busy in the office and we all realised that the mailout stuff we’re doing is going to make us even busier so we all decided to advertise for another member of staff. So we’re looking for an Information Assistant to help us out in the office, you can find the job description on our website.

And finally, yesterday I went for a day out with Rob and Sue, we were followed all the way back home by a mysterious cube. Rob says it’s his new project, Sue says it’s a new meeting space, and I think it’s my new kennel. Hmmmm!