Charlie’s thoughts on October

Brrr, it’s cold out there. I smell bonfires and pumpkins… it must be Halloween or Bonfire Night… or both!

Yet another busy month at RHP HQ. The whole team (apart from me) have been out seeing Spot On shows. They’ve got this campaign going at the moment it’s called ‘£2 a year keeps the arts here’, so they’ve all been out giving speeches about how important it is to support Spot On and show that government … Nick Cameron is it?..  that we are here to stay. It’s meant quite a few quiet nights at home for me, which I like because I’m mostly sneaking onto the sofa when everyone is out.

So far they’ve seen Mervyn Stutter, Charity Shop Cabaret, Clive Carroll, Susannah Hamnett, OperaXposed, Rainbow Beach and The Kosh. November looks jam packed with more shows, so it looks like a few more nights alone for me. They’ve posted loads of photos and even got some video footage so keep looking at the Spot On website for new updates.

As well as gazing into the future and finishing the next Spot On menu for promoters for Spring 2011, Sue has also been meeting some people from the Netherlands. Sjoerd and Valentijn came over to start some ideas about our Preston Guild project, Sue and Lyndsey had two busy days showing them around Preston and further afield, they even went to a pub quiz with Lyndsey and they won! Sounds to me like they’re a clever bunch of people. Sue says they’re working on some really exciting ideas for 2012 – I just wish she’d work on taking me for a walk this afternoon instead.

I did get to go on a visit recently. Lyndsey and Sue drove to Chesterfield to meet the mailout board members and collect all the paperwork because we’ve started a new role as administrators of mailout. It seems to involve a lot of paperwork and extra computers and lots of transferring of files and information at the moment, but apparently it will help make the plans for the electronic magazine and the new website loads easier. You can keep up to date with the new website by

As we’re doing lots more mailout and getting so much busier we’ve been advertising for a new Information Assistant. We had 76 applications, and we had to read them all and shortlist down to 6 people. It was very hard because so many people were excellent. Some even had PhD’s, but unless it was in dog walking or grooming I wasn’t interested. We’ll be interviewing the candidates in early November, so I’ll be sure to let you know who is going to work for us. The new post will be good for me too because today I got told I’ve been given a promotion at work, I am now the IT Manager. I’m responsible for our IT accounts and our social networking sites. I’m hoping the new Information Assistant will help me with this as my typing is still a little rough. (Sorry)

So Sue has been out delivering a seminar to Manchester about worklessness, and she went to Lancaster to meet up with the Northern Rural Touring Schemes. And Rob is still on his infuriatingly named ‘LEAD’ course, and he’s been to London and even went to a spa with Cartwheel Arts to do some consultancy work. He says he didn’t take his swimming trunks, but we all think he secretly had some treatments while he was there. He’s been up to something called Podulation as well – I don’t understand it but it involves Pods and Creative Partnerships. He’s even Podcasting now!

Lyndsey bought a house this month. It’s been a long time coming and she now spends a lot of time talking about bathroom fittings and boilers, but we think she might be able to use her brain for work purposes again soon so that’ll be nice. I have to say a special happy 1st year at Robinson Howell for Lyndsey. On the 1st November she’ll have been here a whole year, I don’t know where the time has gone, I also can’t remember what it was like before she came, but I am a dog of very little memory.