Culturapedia welcomes a new employee!

Culturapedia welcomes our newest employee, Rabina (Beana) Hussain to the somewhereto_ clan.

Beana will be working with the team as our Engagement Assistant, primarily focusing on somewhereto_NW support. The post is supported by Curious Minds as part of the Strong Voices project which aims to support and provide young people with their first experiences of employment. Beana will be assisting the team 7 hours a week (usually Mondays) for the next 6 months. In her first day she has already rearranged our filing system and got our paperwork in order – we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Read her introduction below.

BeanaFirst day at Culturapedia, everything seems cool and the team seem fun! I am looking forward to the next few months with the various different projects I will be involved in! This is really a great step forward into my world of creativeness.

My name is Rabina, but I go by Beana. I am currently studying a Music BTEC course at Burnley College. It is my last year and I am thinking about carrying on to University. My plan, hopefully (fingers crossed), is to take a gap year and widen my ambitions to be a full time events organiser and promoter when I leave College. As I already have experience in this field, it would be much easier than having to start from scratch. I am wanting to either set up my own recording studio and rehearsal space to help young talented musicians or do something along the creative line and help young people with their ideas and projects. Or having my own organisation which is similar to somewhereto_ and Culturapedia and running it with my close friends and family.

I’d love to create an organisation which spreads across different countries, to get more of a different cultural feel to it instead of having the same people for every event. A multi-cultural approach would help with the press and publicity of it and get more people involved, knowing that what you are doing and what you have set up is really helping young people to get to where they want to go.

A short verse from one of my original songs called ‘The Truth’:

We should never be afraid of who we are
Or what we want to achieve to achieve to get us far
We are all different and unique in many ways
And that’s alright, don’t ever give up
Just stand up and fight
Whether you are black or white
Stand up for your rights!