I am currently in the process of writing a deeply entertaining and insightful blog about hats but it’s not quite ready yet. So I’ve written this instead.

It has been one whole British year since I, along with Matt and Stephie, started working for Culturapedia. Well didn’t that fly.

I count myself very fortunate with my particular role as Communications Coordinator as I am really the only member of the team who is involved in every project we run. This is not a boast. It is the rest of the team who are mostly involved in delivering those projects and I tell the world what we are doing through the press and across social media.

My main focus when I began at Culturapedia was on somewhereto_ and a campaign we ran in July last year entitled the ‘summer of somewhereto_’, which was  held in five other cities across the UK. We took over an empty shop space in Lancaster for a month and filled it with talented young musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, actors and many other creative sorts (We didn’t sell them though. That’s not okay). I also ended up doing the voice-over for the highlights reel of the Lancaster event, presumably on account of me having a rather generic northern accent, but it was something new to say I’ve done. It was also excellent practice for the extremely professional job I did with the Culturapedia office answering machine. Call us in the evenings to hear for yourself. Wogan would be proud.

PROUD: Sir Terry Wogan (right) and protégé, Jack Bond.

PROUD: Sir Terry Wogan (right) and protégé, Jack Bond.

Anyhow, the summer of somewhereto_ was an excellent way to jump straight into the job and set me up nicely to hit the ground running by the time our Spot On Autumn season came along in September. I call this “press release season”.

Spot On is great fun to market. Nearly every week I get to sell fantastic professional shows to the press and online audiences. It’s also pretty easy! Given the nature of rural touring, most of the small towns and villages that we take shows to generally don’t host professional arts events very often and this is why we do it! As a result, when a show does come along it tends to be considered immediately newsworthy by the local press. This of course makes my life easier, particularly when the shows are so wonderful too!

I have especially enjoyed arranging interviews with BBC Radio Lancashire, not only for myself and members of the team but also for some of the artists who have performed across Lancashire. I was also interviewed live on air as part of Gilly’s World Record for conducting the most live interviews in 24 hours. A proud day indeed. My goal now is to get on television! (Apologies for sounding like a desperate Britain’s Got Talent contestant there).

I have recently become the third ‘plug’ too, having begun work assisting Matt and Stephie with the marketing of Plugged In events. This was the only project I didn’t have any input in before so I’m happy to have completed the set within the first year of working here!

As I mentioned, it gives me great pleasure to be able to play my part in each and every thing we do here at Culturapedia, particularly as I know I shall also be involved with new projects we have in the future too, a couple of which are on the way, so stay tuned.

It’s quite amazing that I’ve managed to get through so many paragraphs about my first year at Culturapedia without mentioning cake. We’ve eaten a lot of cake. Delicious cake. This is all I shall say on the matter as I’ll leave it to other members of staff to dissect the year in relation to cakes (Stephie I’m looking at you).

All in all, my first year at Culturapedia has been exciting, a lot of hard work, but most of all a big bunch of fun. I raise a toast to many more Culturapedia capers* in the future! (This toast was brought to you using breakfast tea as I’m still on work time and alcoholic consumption is prohibited). Hurrah!

*referring to “high-spirited escapades” rather than those little green things people put in food to ruin it.

Capers. Not what Culturapedia is about.

Capers. Not what Culturapedia is about.