Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!

I really can’t believe we’re about to enter May! On the 5th May it would have been 5 months since I started here at Culturapedia! I seriously can’t believe it myself and what an amazing 5 months it’s been. From meeting new organisations and building new partnerships to working with some incredibly talented young people to watching some fantastically produced shows in village halls across Lancashire, it’s been a mad few months. The people who work here are incredibly dedicated to the job and so I decided to use this blog to talk about what I now call my work family.


First up we have Rob who’s like the father figure of the family. Rob’s love of life and love of everything just makes him one of the coolest guys I’ve ever come across! He has an incredible passion which is seeing everyone he meets to succeed in whatever they do and he stops at nothing to ensure that happens. I’ve spent a lot of time with Rob and whilst we may not agree on some things, our conversations are never dry or boring. When people talk about style, they need to see Rob because this man can really pull off anything!


Sue has and always will have that “it factor” which makes her naturally maternal. She is ensures that the entire Culturapedia family sticks together working very hard none stop sometimes on funding bits and making sure that things are flowing smoothly. Although Sue might not talk as much as the rest in the office, I know if there was ever approach Sue and I’d not only get the right advice from her but also the support and comfort that might be needed.


Lyndsey is like my big sister! Caring and sweet but also critical whenever I make a mistake only so that she can see me make improvements and further myself in life. Always smiling and joking, the office is never dull with Lyndsey around. Whilst Lyndsey is my manager, she doesn’t use that position of power over me, in fact she asks me for my ideas and suggestions on how to improve the services we offer and for me that feeling of mutual respect for each other will always be there.


Eoin is like the older brother who is away a lot of the time. Eoin only works part time for Culturapedia so when he is in it’s amazing to just be around him. His anecdotes about life are just amazing. His mutual respect for all cultures, faiths and people makes him so endearing to everyone and I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say everyone loves Eoin!


I’ve always wanted a twin and I feel in a way I have that with Claire. From the day that I started until now, I’ve come to realise that I have a lot in common with Claire. Working on the same project kind of helps but knowing that we have different strengths and combined together we are this dream team is amazing! I mean together we smashed our quarterly targets last quarter and we’re doing the same thing now! Sat side by side, we’re always having a laugh but when it’s game time, we know how to make projects a success with me leading on the young people and Claire leading on the journalism side!


Finally we have the pet / office dog. See now I’ve never had a pet and I don’t think I ever will but Charlie is very different! As soon as I’m come into the office Charlie’s waiting for a stroke and a pat and for those of you who know me well enough know that my fear of dogs is tremendous but my fear of Charlie is none. Even when I was on leave I was missing him – now that’s saying something!


So there you have it, 5 incredibly passionate people with one lovely dog to keep us company. I don’t think I’ve ever worked in such an organisation where cakes, tea, long discussions and having a good time are all key to making sure that the work produced is the of a standard where it is the best possible locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally!

My work family! (from l - r: Eoin, Lyndsey, Claire, Sue, Rob and Charlie Brown the dog)