Welcome to Ellie’s Page.  Ellie is Culturapedia’s mobile office,meeting room, box office, green room and place to think.

She is a 1970s Ci CADET, lovingly painted and refitted as an extra mobile space for culturapedes.  We called her Ellie after George Elliot as she came from Nuneaton – birthplace of the great author.

We love her so much that we don’t want to hog her for ourselves and are happy to lend her out, for a reasonable fee, to others in need of a creative space for a day or two.

She’s an old lady of about 40 and has her quirks. She’s a lovely space to meet.  She would make a comfortable meeting space for two, three or four at a squeeze. Perhaps what you need is a space to do interviews, to sit quietly in a field and do some blue sky thinking. Perhaps you need a box office, changing room and place to relax for an outdoor performance or a place to create music, poetry, draw or contemplate the world?

Ellie comes equipped with a long yellow cable that hooks her up to the mains so that you can use a laptop, see what you’re doing and make a brew.  She has a fan heater and a kettle to keep you warm along with a nice orange blanket. She has a fridge to keep things cool and a small gas cooker.  This is ideal for slow food as it’s not the fastest appliance on the campsite.  Ellie’s kitchen has cups, plates, bowls, cutlery and a host of other funky stuff including a sink to do the washing up.  We’ll supply some teabags, some coffee and a pint of milk to get you started. There’s a radio that will also play MP3s from an SD card or memory stick.

Ellie doesn’t come with her own toilet – she’s really not big enough and we’re not into cleaning them out, so you’ll need to choose a pitch near to some conveniences.

If you need more space there is also a rather funky brown awning which effectively doubles the size. This comes with a camping table and a couple of folding deck chairs.

“I must have Ellie for a day, how much will she cost?”

Ellie costs £150.00+VAT per day plus £0.90+VAT per mile for delivery and collection within a 25 mile radius of Blackburn. The awning is an additional £20.00. There is the option of MyFi mobile wifi which is an additional £5.00. We will come and set her up for you and give you a tour of her many features.  We’ll then come and pack her up and bring her back to Blackburn.

We want to collect a gallery of pictures of her in action so a condition of hire is that you return her with a picture of her in use.

To check availability, ask any questions or to negotiate a two or three day hire, email ellie@culturapedia.co or call the office on 01254 674777.

Ellie on Tour

Ellie as a box office and green room for Running On Air with Spot On

Ellie from the inside

Ellie from the inside

Ellie doing fieldwork

Ellie doing fieldwork