First Day, Way-hey

Matthew is our other new Plugged In Engagement Coordinator. Here or his thoughts on a first day at Culturapedia.



Today has involved an unexpected amount of chips, both edible and technological. I felt like I was in a greasy spoon version of one of those ‘box opening’ videos on YouTube. The only difference was that I was surrounded by lots of top creative people, rather than alone, with a coffee table and a camera attached to my forehead. From what I have been told, there is a good chance I will be experiencing the latter as well though.


I think I am going to enjoy my time here at Culturapedia. Having said that, a fair few of the team appear to be ill so it may become more of a war of attrition than a cultural revolution, either way I’m happy with the challenge ahead of me.


I’ve started alongside two other people today, Jack @culturejack who will be in charge of communications, and Stephie @culturestephie who will be working in the same role as me as community engagement officer. In many ways, Stephie will be my arch nemesis. Although she has close personal links with professional wrestling star Sting, so I think probably better if we just go for friends in the first instance.