Get out there and do it!

FrogThought that title would get your attention. Or maybe it just confused you because below there was a picture of a frog? Either way, I digress….

People tend to work better in life when they have a goal, an aim, a milestone to work towards.

A personal one for me is something I’ve been putting off for far too long.

Many a time – on my daily commute – I have bypassed super-athletic and vigorous joggers. I have often wondered from what amazing source they got their enthusiasm and energy from. Every morning and night they willingly put themselves through the rigorous routine even in gusty winds and the pouring rain – I however opted for the comforts of chocolate, Corrie and the couch.

Isn’t it funny how a pinnacle moment in your life can radically change your perspective? I was lucky enough to go on a short break to sunny Turkey and, mid-holiday; I did some reflecting and reminiscing and decided that when I returned I was going to try something challenging and new, no matter how big or small.

Call it a bucket list, call it a mid-life crisis (although I don’t feel I am at that point yet!) but I had a sudden urge to do something proactive, something as proactive as forcing myself off the couch, donning my running gear and venturing outside.

I wish I could tell you that I hit the ground running but I am only taking baby steps and gradually building up my stamina, just breaking out into short impulsive runs on my long, scenic walks down the coastal road.

Now I know why so many venture outdoors – how great does this feel? The soft breeze, the beautiful streaked sky, the peace and quiet. I feel energised, I feel liberated, I feel good!

It makes you wonder why you put things off for so long! Next thing on my list… I want to confront one of my biggest phobias… (besides exercise) I want to hold a frog.

Laugh all you want but these slimy amphibians scare me silly. They leap, they eat flies… they look gooey. Need I say more?

I believe one of Culturapedia’s many qualities is – as a team – we get things done. There’s no putting off things with our lot, once we sparked an idea it will go off like a firework. I want to bring that passion from my professional life to my personal and ensure it is as fulfilling as possible.

So maybe next month I will be sporting a new tattoo, talking about sport maybe white river rafting isn’t out of the question? There’s a world full of possibilities. There’s also a world full of frogs. So I am better off embracing it!