Happy CULTURAPEDIA Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Culturapedia

Firstly I want to wish everybody a very merry Christmas!!
A large part of Christmas for me and I assume many others is reflection on the past year.
2013 has been very much a defining year for me. I feel as if everything I have done in the past has been leading me to this point working with the Culturapedia team.
I have a wide range of passions and hobbies and before starting at Culturapedia I didn’t necessarily always see the links between them. On a daily basis in my role as somewhereto_ coordinator I utilise the wide range of skills and experience I have gained from things I have always considered fun.
Even though I’ve always been confident in knowing who I am and what drives me I now feel there is place purposefully meant for that person.
It’s been a very busy year having been involved in so many great projects and working alongside some truly inspirational young people. It’s been good to watch their journey’s and how much progress some of them make in such a short time.
Having seen people going from NEET’s to getting respectable positions in the industries they love and seeing people succeed on all sorts of levels.

2014 seems very exciting for me looking at its potential from my perspective. I can see some very exciting things formulating with the people I’m working with and having meetings with. Not to mention the exciting huge projects we’re working on already. Not one for wishing my life away but I really can’t wait to see how this next year unfolds for somewhereto_ and the young people we work with.

Have a great Christmas every one!
Last but by no means least I sincerely want to thank anyone who has been a part of somewhereto_ this year, from the young people them selves to everyone that has helped and offered great opportunities and everyone that has shared space with us!! See you all next year !!