I am 2 years old !!!

So as I fast approach my second birthday at Culturapedia on Friday 27 March I thought it about time I pulled my finger out and wrote another blog. I have to admit they have been extremely thin on the ground. Especially considering how many amazing things that have happened in those two years ! The two years have gone so quickly it really is difficult to comprehend. I’d like to talk about some of the highlights but (as corny as it sounds) there really are too many and I almost certainly don’t have the time spare to do so. Instead I will talk about some of the things in the pipeline, the biggest news is probably that as well as delivering the somewhereto_ project I now wear another hat. Namely a Blaze hat. This I think is a great step as not only have Blaze and somewhereto_ worked hand in hand really well over the years but my role is to work with young people in programming arts and events in The Crib at Burnley Library. This is a truly awesome space and as you know somewhereto_ is all about cool spaces. I’m really looking forward to some of the things in store there. Of course, if you have any ideas about how you could use this awesome space (Google it) then I’m most definitely up for hearing them. The other biggy in the near future is the somewhereto_ create tour. the somewhereto_ create events have been a huge success up and down the country and I’m hugely looking forward to embarking on a North West tour of four events in Manchester, Burnley, Lancaster and Blackburn over the next couple of months. They are a great opportunity to showcase your skills and such to industry pros and other talented young people whom you might network and collaborate with. I am barely scratching the surface of whats happening for me at Culturapedia towers so please do keep an eye out via social media and our mail outs etc for all the wonderful things going on and don’t forget to get in touch with any ideas we might be able to support you with ! Finally I’d just like to thank everyone who has supported us and been involved in the great things we’ve been up to. Stay safe!