I am a student again



I have started on the road to an A.A.T. qualification.


My history of education is patchy at best, although comprehensive its focus has mostly been on IT. I have previously worked as an analyst programmer for nigh on twenty five years. After such a long time working with computers I found myself looking at a rather bleak future where the languages and skills I had learned over the years were falling into decline.


For the first time in my working life the supply of programmers was outstripping demand. The nature of employment was also changing rapidly, where before I worked as a contractor for government and educational authorities the employers were becoming industries who wanted to have a store front on to the web. For the most part these employers were unaware of how software was developed and written. They also had no commitment to training and why should they, there were hundreds of eager trainees coming out of the colleges and universities who were a lot cheaper to hire.


So I went to University to learn how to be a vocational trainer but I was having difficulties. No matter how much I studied I wasn’t learning. So I asked for help and was assessed by an educational psychologist and he confirmed that I was dyslexic. A bit of a shock and oddly not shocking at all as my education was always fraught with difficulty.


Anyway it is about six years since I had the assessment, I dropped out of the education course for a few reasons, primarily I thought post compulsory education was the same as adult education (I am a foreigner after all) and I was more interested in working with people who were struggling with education and computers and not sixth form students.


I have since completed a few business courses including the ECDL. So now I have built up my confidence enough to be able to take on a three year course knowing that I can get support both in Uni and at work.


Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night wondering if I am mad.

About Eoin

An Irish guy brought up in America living in England and thinking European.