In Five Years Time….

As part of our team away day we were asked to take a photograph of something which symbolised what we thought we’d be doing in 5 years time at Culturapedia.

Apart from the fact that now as I type this I am singing the Noah and The Whale version of ‘Five years time’ I had a couple of thoughts whilst sat on the canal boat in ‘sunny’ Barnoldswick.

My first thought was – get a photo of a big scary dog, thus symbolising my role as keeping the wolves from the door and protecting the Culturapedes from harm.

My second thought was – I wish I’d taken a photo of that drowned umbrella that kept surfacing as we turned the boat at the start of the trip – it looked a bit like a shark was circling us and I liked the idea of helping Culturapedia to sail past the sharks and the piranhas (Pete has just informed me that as far as fish go he thinks the piranha is quite attractive… I think I’ll leave that in-depth discussion for another day!)

My third thought – maybe a tree or some blossom or a seed – something about giving knowledge or inspiring new ideas to develop in the company.

My actual choice… a wall. A brick wall.

Now looking back, perhaps it doesn’t seem all that great a choice, but my thinking at the time was this:

In five years time I will be the thing that keeps the good things in and the bad things out. Thinking a little deeper I think I’d like to be the bricklayer, helping to bring all the pieces of the company together to make it strong enough to withstand the elements and all the things that might get thrown at it. If the way we place the bricks is just right maybe that wall will stand strong till long after I am gone.

Now looking at my choice in retrospect I’m reminded of a trip to see a psychic many years ago. (I’d like to note that I’m not really into any of that but it was bought as a gift for my birthday so I went with it). The psychic said that when she tried to read me she saw a brick wall. I took this to mean that I’d done such a brilliant job of being so blank and unresponsive she couldn’t take a guess or make an assumption about my career or my reason for coming but she gave me such a boost when she explained the wall metaphor that I feel I should share it with you. She said that when she saw a wall in a person’s future it meant that nothing had been mapped out for them, that they could choose to take any path as long as they had faith in their ability to make it a success. I’m sure for some of you reading this you’re thinking “what a load of tripe”. But at that time it really inspired me to have some faith in my ability to do anything I set my mind to and I have done just that.

So maybe my role in five years time is to be a wall, maybe as long as I stand strong in amongst things coming and going, things will choose to stick close and follow my path…

Just so you can enjoy the song while you read this blog:

Why not sing along?…

Oh well in five years time we could be walking round a zoo
With the sun shining down over me and you
And there’ll be love in the bodies of the elephants too
And I’ll put my hands over your eyes, but you’ll peep through

And there’ll be sun, sun, sun all over our bodies
And sun, sun, sun all down our necks
And sun, sun, sun all over our faces
And sun, sun, sun -so what the heck!

Cos I’ll be laughing at all your silly little jokes
And we’ll be laughing about how we used to smoke
All those stupid little cigarettes and drink stupid wine
Cos it’s what we needed to have a good time

And it was fun, fun, fun when we were drinking
It was fun, fun, fun when we were drunk
And it was fun, fun, fun when we were laughing
It was fun, fun, fun, oh it was fun

Oh well I look at you and say
It’s the happiest that I’ve ever been
And I’ll say I no longer feel I have to be James Dean
And she’ll say
“Yah well I feel all pretty happy too”
And I’m always pretty happy when I’m just kicking back with you

And it’ll be love, love, love all through our bodies
And love, love, love all through our minds
And it’ll be love, love, love all over her face
And love, love, love all over mine

Although maybe all these moments are just in my head
I’ll be thinking ‘bout them as I’m lying in bed
And all that I believe, it might not even come true
But in my mind I’m havin’ a pretty good time with you

In five years time I might not know you
In five years time we might not speak
In five years time we might not get along
In five years time you might just prove me wrong

Oh there’ll be love, love, love
Wherever you go
There’ll be love