Welcome to my little place on the information super internet. If you are here and are looking for the popular¬†tax advisor¬†with the same name as me, then you’re in for a treat, because I am almost as interesting as him. So kick off your slippers, cut a slice of broccoli and settle down for an exciting read.

Matthew in a crown

This is a typical picture of me at work. I was typing a spreadsheet.

I am working on a project called Plugged In. It aims to get people in the community to pick and choose the types of performances that come to their theatres, then look at how we can make it accessible to as many people as possible.

I’m 3 months in to this project as I write, and I have to say it’s tremendous fun. The best bits for me so far have been taking some of our community groups behind the scenes of the theatres where we will be programming work. They always emerge with a smile on their faces.

Plugged In Logo

The logo for our project, Plugged In. The two masks are called Zig and Pog. Neither of them were happy with the choice, despite one looking reasonably pleased.

I will no doubt be writing more here over the coming months, but for the moment, pay your taxes on time.