It’s a Culturapedia Christmas Thing!

DSCN5250Avid followers of Culturapedia may remember our Christmas 2012: Culturapedia Nativity, and who could forget the Christmas 2011: Sing Along A Culturapedia. Well, this year we want you, our loyal friends and fans, to suggest our project or photoshoot for Christmas 2013!

It’s simple really. We want you to suggest the theme of our next Christmas Card. The selected winner will get a chance to appear in some way in the photo or elsewhere in the card – so if you’re in Peru we might have to have a cardboard cut out or a skype screenshot, but if you’re just down the road you might want to come for a visit.

So if you have an urge to see us all dressed as Christmas Elves or eating Christmas Puddings in the aisle at our local supermarket then now is your chance to make it happen.

Festive suggestions via email please to by Thursday 31st October.