Lyndsey’s 1st RHP Birthday!

This morning I arrived at the Robinson Howell Partnership office to discover a card and a cake. It has been a whole year since I first arrived at RHP and the year has just flown by.

When I signed up for this job I was full of enthusiasm for the work that RHP do, although it took some time to get my head around it all! I was excited about the prospect of helping Sue with Spot On and working together to develop the promotion of events in Lancashire. I was a little nervous about helping to edit mailout, and I don’t think I had contemplated writing for the magazine, certainly not as much as I have done this year.

I don’t think I’d ever anticipated how involved I’d get with Spot On, I try and see at least one performance from each company and I’ve been having great fun writing my blogs after each event.You see, what I’ve come to realise about RHP is that as a team we only do work which interests us. We like to feel passionate about the projects we work on, and as a consequence we really enjoy what we do. I have the greatest pleasure in telling everyone I know that work is fun because I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to spend most of your life doing it you should be getting a sense of achievement out of it.

Arriving at RHP has meant some changes for the team. I’m the systems person here at RHP, this is most evident when you see the charts and calendars and lists which are strewn around the office – there is a deadline for everything, but it means we all have something to work towards. I have commandeered the meeting room downstairs and at certain times in the year it becomes parcel central for Spot On. I am also grand high ruler of the stationery cupboard, those who enter had better leave it as they found it! I think all in all we’re a very happy bunch of people at Robinson Howell Partnership, even the dog plays an important role here.

So I am a very very happy iPam (Information and Project Administration Manager), I am full of cake and I am full of admiration for the lovely Directors of the company who had the good sense to employ me in the first place. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!