March Madness

The most amazing month!

What a month it's been!


I’ve always loved March! There’s loads of reasons behind it but the biggest would have to be that it’s the month of my birth and let’s be honest no matter what month you’re born in you’re always fond of it! I have other reasons for liking March too such as it’s the end of the financial year. Now whilst I hear most of your groaning thinking “how could he like that?!” I have my reasons so just hear me out…


Before I came to Culturapedia I worked for the Council as well as with many other Voluntary organisations. With such organisations, coming up to the end of the financial year (i.e. from January onwards) meant that any money not spent would be spent over the next three months – with a big emphasis on March. I remember planning residentials and conferences a few months before March but all the major key events would happen just before the end of the financial year. Planning and delivering events gives me such a buzz (worked in my favour I got the post of Promotion and Engagement Coordinator here at Culturapedia right?!) and March give me a kick like no other month could.


Working for Culturapedia is no different. I mean in the last week of March alone I worked three evenings enabling young people to showcase their skills and talents. The second week of March saw me travelling to and from Cumbria to sort out the upcoming Devonshire Arcade event (for more info on this contact me: There were a range of meetings with young people who wanted to organise events but just needed some support; at the same time there were a range of meetings with key stakeholders as we continue to push the message of somewhereto_ along. I worked in partnership with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council to allow the Youth MP candidates to hold their first ever Hustings session and engage young people in democracy and I also enabled and supported young people to perform at the first ever Guardian Open Weekend in London (now that was an early start for us all!) As well as all of this I continued to push the message of somewhereto_ through our regular e – bulletins which are produced fortnightly for young people and monthly for stakeholders (if you’d like a copy of our next e bulletin be sure to email me!)


Before I started writing this blog (and I promise I will finish soon!) I was thinking of a title and March Madness seemed the perfect one. As you’ve already read it was a mad March with all the good things happening, but March 2012 will always live with me as the month that reminded me about cherishing life. In the space of one week, I attended five funerals – one for my own uncle, one for a friend’s grandparent, one for a friend’s grandmother. Two funerals were held for two young lads from Blackburn who some would say were the complete opposite of each other but were in the same high school, the same year and now were buried next to each other. These last two deaths in particular had a massive impact on the community and I know feel that it is up to organisations such as Culturapedia to work closely with all our partners from the voluntary, community and third sectors as well as the local council to ensure that these two young men’s deaths don’t have a negative impact on the town.


March – what a great month! I would argue that it is the busiest month of the year with everyone trying to get everything done. As much as people may dislike the end of the financial year, I see it as another way to celebrate a new year. Yes you have the New Year starting in January and the Chinese Year and Islamic New Year to name just a few. Why don’t we celebrate the new financial year too?! Just a thought!


Anyway guys and gals, I’m going to have go because it’s the start of the new financial year and there’s loads to be getting on with! Thanks for reading my thoughts and ramblings. Take care for now and be sure to check back next month for a further update.