matt row, a life* in review…*well, year

What can I say about my first year at Culturapedia that hasn’t been covered in extensive detail in earlier blog posts? Well, quite a lot as it happens, my earlier blog posts are about as far from a normal day as can be. The reason? Imagination. If you’ve got it, you use it as much as you can, all the time. It is with this idea in mind that I would like to take you back to my first month at Culturapedia.

It began on the 2nd day of the month, meaning that the last sentence of the previous paragraph was slightly incorrect. Guess what we’re putting that error down to? Imagination! Back to the first day though. We had fish and chips for lunch, mine was cheese and onion flavoured. I say fish, I mean pie (imagination!). I also knocked on the door to come in, however it was already open, a sign of things to come perhaps?!

The first month was spent contacting local people, seeing if they were interested in this new, amazing opportunity to pick shows at their local theatre. Although many were a touch cautious, we got a couple of groups on board early doors and this filled us with confidence. Stephie did an amazing job putting together a run of 6 fantastic shows as well. Our branding and social media began to progress well. There were some tough decisions to be made, but I bought a lot of people off with blackmail and topless photos. (Only kidding, or am I?)

It was a wonderful experience attending my first theatre show with a community group I had nurtured for several months. It was the brilliant LIGHT at King George’s Hall by Theatre Ad Infinitum. A brilliant show chosen by youth group SLYNCS. The rest of the shows and community groups have also gone very well, and many spontificaly.

Are you familiar with what a Garibaldi tastes like without the bad bit? Stephie is, and between seasons she told me. It’s basically raisin. I think this little exchange shows our growing friendship and respect for each other. I have never considered anyone my equal – woman or kestral – but in this instance, I felt someone had risen (or raisin!) to the challenge. So well done her.

I must say the rest of the gang at Culturapedia have been great too. I once attended work with a top emblazoned with several offensive slogans. The response I got? Love…Unconditional Love. Where else on the planet can you get that? Perhaps at the filming of a rap music video, but otherwise, probably nowhere.

In the future, I would like to be an astronaut. When I look back at the Blackburn area from by Human UFO machine, I will remember my first year at Culturapedia fondly. I will be eating that space ice cream you sometimes find on sale at country homes for some reason.

Have a great New Year!

Matthew xoxo