My first day at Culturapedia

Last but by no means least with his first day reflections is Jack, our new Communications Coordinator. 

First days are always filled with huge amounts of information followed by a dawning realisation that none of it has been retained. Today we definitely drank tea and ate chips and sat in a caravan. Two caravans to be precise. That’s about all I can recall. So as far as first days go I would class it as a success!


With Stephie and Matt starting as well there has been plenty to squeeze in, which is certainly the excuse I shall use when people ask why this blog isn’t very long. I’ve spent a little too long chasing Twitter followers it would seem.


As the new communications coordinator I can already see I’ll have plenty to keep me busy and as far as I’ve gathered I’ve been given free reign to be bossy. That reminds me, I need to double check that in my contract.


I can’t wait to get stuck into my new role and all of Culturapedia’s wonderful projects, beginning with the Summer of somewhereto_ in Lancaster next month. These are exciting times for Culturapedia with the team nearly doubling in size in just one day! I’m sure I’m going to really enjoy working with everyone here and I’m desperate to get cracking.


Even as I try and write this blog I’m also simultaneously posting a link to it on our Culturapedia Facebook page. I think that should probably be my cue to bring it to a conclusion. It’s also a perfect excuse for my blog post being significantly shorter than Stephie and Matt’s!
Here’s to a bright future for the three culturapedes and Culturapedia as a whole!