My first day

Today, 2nd June, will go down in history at Culturapedia as three new Culturapedes joined the team. We asked them all, whilst waiting for their own avatars and blog pages to write something to post here to record their initial responses to life at Culturapedia. First off the blocks was Stephie, our new Engagement Coordinator working on Plugged In.


I remember on my first day of secondary school we were given a fancy new planner and very neatly had to write up our timetable on the first page. This was the very first task I was given at ‘big school’ and even though in the following 5 years, I would go on to set fire to my jumper (a rogue bunsen burner), attempt to swim a length in pyjamas (note the use of the word: attempt), and sit my GCSE’s (who thought taking French & German was a good idea?), this very first task was by far the most stressful. The boxes were so small, my handwriting was so big, and there were 5 whole classes a day, some of which I had never heard of before, (and I’m still not entirely sure what the difference between D&T and Graphics is).


Today is my first day at Culturapedia and I have spent the past couple of hours trying to get to grip with my new google calendar. Luckily this is all done online so I don’t have to worry about the fact that the boxes are still too small for my handwriting, but as I just heard Lyndsey exclaim upstairs… ‘There are sooo many colours!’ With different colours for each person, different boxes for each meeting and different meetings for each project, the culturapedia google calendar looks like a particularly swish kaleidoscope.


I can practically see the eleven year old me breaking into a sweat.


However the grown up me isn’t overwhelmed , the grown up me is excited. Very excited. For a start I LOVE organising things into neat boxes and to do lists, but more importantly I just can’t wait to get started on all the wonderful projects going on!


Of course, grown up me is also comforted by the fact that there have been chips, enough mentions of cake to make you salivate (saliva in a first blog, I know, I’m sorry) and there are two other new members of staff, both looking as daunted and as excited as I am. Oh and there is Charlie, and it is hard to get stressed with a labrador wandering about.


But listen to me rambling on and I haven’t even introduced myself… Hello! I’m Stephie, one of the new Plugged In Community Engagement Coordinators, and I can’t wait to meet you all!


ps. I never mentioned the bunsen burner incident in my interview so lets just keep that between ourselves for now x