My first Spot On Show: the amazing Bane!

When I first heard about Bane, I instantly thought “ahhh this isn’t going to work, in fact it’s going to be boring”. I mean let’s face it; I was told that during one run of Bane, the actor Joe Bone, played a total of 79 different characters in one of his performances! SEVENTY – NINE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS! Surely that was a play that wasn’t fun, exciting or energetic. How can one man (along with his guitar playing friend for musical effects) play so many different characters with all these different accents? I just felt that the performance wasn’t going to wow me and no Guinness World Record was going to change my mind.


It’s not often I’m proven wrong – OK, it’s very often that I’m proven wrong and Bane was just one of the times when I was made to eat my words. Joe Bone played the character of Bane fantastically and my jaw dropped when I realised he played over 40 different characters and I could see the differences in each and every one of them. He even crossed the big pond between America and Europe playing British, German and Russian characters. He incorporated movies such as Ghost Busters, Taxi Driver and Gross Point Blank, movies which resonated with all members of the audience regardless of how old or young you were.


Joe Bone did a marvellous job of convincing us of all his different characters and added just the right amount of suspense, comedy, action for it to appeal to all ages of the audience. His timing was just perfect and by throwing himself (literally!) into performance, it made me realise that he had a passion for doing what he loved doing. In many ways inspired me as I’ve always loved the theatre but have never really followed that passion through. Bane made me reconnect with drama and performing and he managed to do all this in under 2 hours!


I feel it is only right that I mention Ben Roe who played the musical accompaniment for the entire show. As I mentioned earlier Bane crossed over 40 different characters in each performance. It left me wondering how on earth Ben managed to create musical effects to go with each scene as the piece literally bounced from scene to scene. Ben did an amazing job at creating the right mood and atmosphere with his guitar and allowing us to venture further and further with Bane. Sometimes when it comes to live performances the music is just as important as the acting and this was definitely one of those occasions.


This was my first Spot On Show – in fact I’d never watched a show linked to a rural touring network before but I shall be back to see more. I would definitely recommend everyone who gets the chance to go see Bane to see it because it is worth the price of a ticket and this one man will keep you entertained for an entire 2 hours.