One year and counting


So at last my first year as a culturapede has come and gone.  It’s a good place to work and its pleasurable being here with like minded people who work with vision and passion. We all work very hard but never forget to have fun while doing it.

Let me take you on a little journey through the office and the people who work there….


Rob loves having people around, he loves the repartee and there’s no better man for a terrible, terrible pun! He is a great networker and is always coming up with new ideas for developing the company. He is a fair and honest boss who does his best to take care of his staff.


Sue, who is also a fair and honest boss, is frequently thinking months in advance of where we are, planning for the next season, even when we are in the middle of this one, vetting acts for suitability and offering new programmes to our audiences, but she is always ready to join in the craic, and when Rob veers into the questionable pun she is the one who will take us out of our pain!


Lyndsey is always working, but is the vector of happiness in Culturapedia.  She has the ability to make the crabbiest postman smile and fend off phone sales reps without offending them. Whether it’s editing, proofing or laying out the mailout magazine, producing the brochures for spot on, communicating with customers and playing with the various animals of the internet – survey monkey, event elephant and mailchimp – she always does it with a song in her heart (which she frequently lets out).


To look at Claire you probably wouldn’t realise she is an incredibly tenacious and sometimes audacious reporter. Never taking no for an answer, she will pursue her target until finally she persuades them that there is nothing more they want to do than answer her questions and wonder why they even thought that life would go on without answering them. She has a most idiosyncratic way of speaking and if you ever come to visit us please check out the book of quotes, Claire features quite largely in that!


For the last few months Paul Hartley has been working with us, developing the somewhereto_ programme. It’s a complex role and he works hard to build bridges between space holders and young people and he earns the respect of everybody he deals with.  He’s probably the person in the office who shares my thinking about arts and culture and we recently discovered a shared love of Gogol Bordello, even though neither of us wear purple!


Recently Jaffer has joined the company, working for somewhereto_ and it’s as if he has worked with us for ages. He quickly became a member of the team, keeping us amused and informed and drives us dieters mad with the smell of pizza. We’re really looking forward to going out and supporting him as he runs through Blackburn carrying the Olympic torch. We have our water pistols ready!


Charlie Brown, the office dog and our pack leader comes in every day, says hello, demands food and tickles and then goes to sleep under the table where he frequently snores and produces foul odours. We love him.


So, what would the rest of the team say about me? I’m guessing they would say…..


……he tells us lots of (interesting?) things, he fixes our computers, he tells us about new and exciting software and web services. We wish he would just shut up and let us get on with it!


About Eoin

An Irish guy brought up in America living in England and thinking European.