Ours Views Matter!

Lyndsey and Pete at canal

At Culturapedia no day is ever the same.

One day you might be typing away at your desk and the next you could be steering a canal boat (rather badly!) down a Lancashire canal with a crew of colleagues on board.

The wonderful thing about these slightly surreal moments is that they give you perspective. We all need to freshen our heads, recollect our thoughts and look out into the world and truly appreciate that not only is our planet a beautiful place but also how lucky we are –how lucky I am – to be part of such a motivating and inspirational organisation that encourages ideas, thoughts and progress.

Whilst soaking up our idyllic surroundings and narrowly avoiding ploughing the canal boat headfirst into a tree I noticed a plaque in the window of a neighbouring canal boat. It read: ‘Our Views Matter’.

I gathered this statement was meant literally – a rallying cry to preserve and protect the UK’s beautiful green landscape – however these words, for me, had metaphorical meaning. It meant the views of our team –our own individual beliefs and values that we hold dear in our mission to conserve our own creative and cultural environment.

This leads me to one of our five values – to value and respect who we work with.

There are many grey and dull organisations out there who aren’t interested in new ideas or any creative thought that sails away from the mainstream (are you getting all these canal puns?)

Culturapedia however thrives on creative collaboration, we excel in inspiring ideas and this is what makes us oh-so-exciting. It’s a privilege to be a part of a team where my vision, my views are taken seriously – just as seriously as the canal ‘bargies’ who take pride in their precious countryside views.