Quick blog to make sure you know I haven’t forgot about you

The somewhereto_ restore teamIt’s been a long while since my last blog. This has been due to the sheer amount of amazing projects there has been. I literally haven’t had a spare minute to get one done. This means I have PLENTY of ace stuff to tell you all about though.
I’m sat now grabbing a little bit of spare time I have whilst watching some of the great shows from a weekend full of music and performances curated by young person and somewhereto_ ambassador Joss Owen at the somewhereto_ re:store High Street Heist – a national project somewhereto_ are running to utilise empty spaces across the country with young creative entrepreneurs at the helm.

Check out what’s been going on here…

Although the re:store is coming to a close soon there is still time for involvement and there is certainly scope for having your creative/entrepreneurial idea part of the high profile closing event for free. To carry on the legacy of somewhereto_ re:store we are keen to support many more ideas so don’t stop them coming in.
Get on touch pete@somewhereto.com

While the national re:store has been all engulfing, we have still being saving ourselves for some other amazing projects through somewhereto_
There has been an abundance of great somewhereto_ performances at some great venues and festivals etc. We have supported lots of young people to hold their own events too and helped find spaces and support for some great enterprising ideas as well as some great causes.

I’ve been in this post now for over three months and have had an amazing time and been inspired on a daily basis. I have really felt part of the family here at Culturapedia already. This feeling has not only come from the great times I’ve had and great projects I’ve worked on with the team but has been concreted by some of the more difficult experiences and how we’ve pulled together to deal with those.

It’s not been all work and no play though, I’m so grateful we got to have a team day out before the madness of summer took over. We had a wonderful day on the canal, each getting to drive the barge on a glorious day. With some brilliantly thought up competitions and games and all gained a trophy for being champion Culturapedes.
We have also had a couple of brilliant picnics out in the garden with wonderful food and ace company.