Robinson Howell’s new Information Assistant has arrived!

‘I’m over the moon!’ Were my exact words when I was told by Lyndsey, Robinson and Howell’s Information and Project Administration Manager, that I was to be the newly appointed Information Assistant.

Now, I’m still on Cloud Nine. It’s my first day and I’m already sharing the great creative visions of the company and planning on how we can bring them to life. At Robinson Howell Partnership not only are they all equally creative, quirky and dedicated to their jobs but they all share the same passion to change Lancashire’s cultural landscape through the arts.

So, here I am saddled up on my saddle chair, (yes, really!) with my own telephone and desk feeling, well, rather important. There’s a lot on here at Robinson Howell Partnership and I can see over the coming months that my work will be cut out for me. The fantastic participatory and community arts magazine mailout will be stepping in to a new digital age in January, Spot On Events are filling up the calendar and Christmas is only around the corner!

No panic however as reassurance comes in the form of Lyndsey, Rob and Sue – and not forgetting Mr Charlie Brown. The excitable yet loveable Labrador dog that on our first encounter nearly pushed me backwards down the stairs – but admittedly, has already melted my heart.

With 2011 soon approaching I have a sneaky feeling that this will be for Robinson Howell their best year yet. With spectacular shows and new innovative ideas in the pipeline there couldn’t be a better time to join such a unique company. So without further ado, I would like to say a big hello from me, Claire Williams, and I look forward to speaking to you again very soon!