Serra spends her summer at Culturapedia

Some months ago we got a call at the office from a young lady who wanted to volunteer with us. Her name is Serra Akyali and she was interested in getting some experience in an arts based setting. We’re not 100% sure she knew what she was getting into when she signed up for a summer with Culturapedia – we host a number of large projects, all of which have a potential to fill your time when you have a summer to spare. But she was still keen… even after she’d met us!


My name is Serra Akyali, I’m 17 years old and I’ll be working for Culturapedia for the summer. Eventually after another year at College and achieving my A levels, I am hoping to go onto University and study English and Film. Whilst working with Culturapedia, I’ll be promoting events and shows on Facebook/Twitter. I’ll also be at the events and shows, either joining in and getting involved or working backstage and working at the box office. I am hoping to gain a lot of experience from working at Culturapedia such as; promoting events, blogging, marketing, participating in events/shows, working with a team and also working more independently and also working on longer projects which will enable me to be involved and work on the entire creative process.

Serra is currently doing a fantastic job in our office as ‘parcel pixie’, she’s the one responsible for getting your Spot On Autumn 2013 brochure to your door, she’s spent time in our Manchester shop as part of our somewhereto_ high street heist, and assisted Sue when we hosted Fergus Evans’ show ‘My heart is hitch-hiking down Peachtree Street’ at Higherford Mill. If she’s not careful she’ll become indispensable and we’ll just have to lock her in the office to stop her from going back to college!