Serra’s summer – volunteering for Culturapedia

Working for Culturapedia has been an adventure, but a wonderful adventure. Culturapedia manage and co-ordinate unique and interesting projects. I wanted to gain experience within the arts and can definitely say I learned a lot at Culturapedia. Whilst working in the office I have come to understand the dedication and hard work that goes with working in the arts and planning events but furthermore major projects.

I began my work experience in the Culturapedia office and met the lovely team- Lyndsey, Sue, Rob, Pete, Eoin and Claire but also the lovely Culturapedia dog; Charlie Brown. I was then named the ‘Parcel Pixie’ and began my work parcelling all the posters, leaflets and brochures for all the shows to all the venues that Culturapedia worked with. This is when I realised how much work goes into planning shows and projects to make sure the public knows about them. I also did a lot of data input Culturapedia. I then advertised the Spot On shows on Facebook and Twitter and was given a goal to get 300 Twitter followers for the Culturapedia Twitter site in exchange for a chocolate bar, safe to say I won the chocolate bar!

Whilst working for Culturapedia I was introduced to a Big Lottery Funded project called somewhereto_. It is a project which helps and facilitates young people with their passions and interests. somewhereto_ had a store in Manchester which hosted many events by young people such as art exhibitions, small pop up shops such as a Cupcake shop, performances by young singers and rappers, a film viewing evening and many more. I had the pleasure of working at the restore in Manchester and helped the young people organise their arts displays, helped set up for the cupcake shop and answered any general questions any of the young people had regarding the store and the somewhereto_ project.

After re:store, I was then able to participate in one of the Spot On Lancashire projects with Blaize Theatre Company called The Gisburn Forest Guy. The Gisburn Forest Guy was a play about the quarrel between Robin Hood and Guy of Gisburn and was written and rehearsed completely from scratch during the week’s project. I brought my sister along to help and we wrote a few of the songs and one of the scene’s dialogue. Although I was unable to participate in the actual show, I thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsal process and loved helping create the scenes.

Working with Culturapedia has truly been a pleasure. I have learned so much working here and have gained valuable experience about not only the working world but also about Arts within the community and how beneficial arts projects can be to people.

Thank you so much Culturapedia.