Fadó fadó in Éireann. A long, long time ago in Ireland



Many years ago I lived in Galway opposite the back gate to NUI Galway, where at the time I was studying Systems Analysis and Design. Our landlord had applied for planning permission to extend our house and add a few sheds at the back but what he had in fact done was add a flat in the back of the house. Thankfully the planning authorities checked up on him and made him alter the house to comply with his planning application. We ended up with a huge house with no extra bedrooms as they were now outside sheds.




The house was next to the shop and was a popular drop in for snacks and a brew on the way home, but there was an element of risk involved. Every time a brew needed to be made we would roll a dice and if you wanted a brew then you had to roll there were no exceptions. The dice we used for this was a 20 sided dice and the person/persons with the lowest score had to make the brews. But there was a further twist and that was if you rolled a 1, that was when you had to re-roll and if you got a second 1 well you also had to go to the shop and buy whatever it was people wanted. The loser didn’t have to pay for these purchases, we were not the mean but sometimes there would be 20-30 people in the house. I think you would be surprised at how many times this occurred.


So why is this significant I hear you ask, well during the summer months we used to take exchange students. For the most part they were grand and they fitted in with the chaos that was our house they would even take part in the brew games. Now I find myself in similar circumstances as Cath and I have been hosting a group of architecture students from Sheffield and like days of old we have been gathering on mass in the sitting room in front of a blazing fire, drinking brews and watching TV.


Of course things have changed we no longer scour skips for combustible items, you would be surprised at how good the soles of an old pair of docks are in producing a very hot flame.  Our tv is no longer a twelve inch black and white one and we have a lot more channels. We used to have people who would come every week to watch Thirty Something but our new obsession is Gogglebox on channel 4, other channels and shows are of course available but none are as funny as goggle box. Nor do we ask our guests to roll dice whenever they wanted a brew but I  think we should have re-introduced it.


It has been really nice sharing our house with strangers but they are presenting their project today and that is the end of this batch. We don’t know if there will be anymore in the future, but we hope so.

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