Taking stock… March

taking stock...

Hello everyone! March has been an odd month here at Culturapedia HQ. We’ve had some disappointing news but we’ve soldiered on, and dust is beginning to settle. Rob has been back from the Rotterdam office for a couple of weeks, which has been nice, and of course we finished the month off with a good old long weekend! We thought it would be nice to start summing up what office life has looked like each month, so before I get carried away with my ramblings, here is what March in the office looked like…

Making | stuff happen despite disappointing news.

Cooking | soup for lunch. Every. Single. Day.

Drinking | coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon (and maybe a glass of wine at night).

Reading | the Audience Agency newsletters on digital engagement, and finding them really interesting.

Wanting | to shake up arts funding!

Looking | for solutions.

Playing | face swap on Snapchat with Rob.

Deciding | not to take no for an answer.

Wishing | the weather would make up its mind.

Enjoying | having reached shredding nirvana.

Watching | Chip Shop Chips.

Waiting | for deliveries from Solopress. Basically every day.

Liking | having Rob back in the office.

Wondering | what people will choose from the Spot On menu for Autumn.

Loving | Cadbury’s Cream Eggs.

Hoping | Co-op restocks Cadbury’s Cream Eggs (other eggs are available).

Marvelling | at just how much one office can get done.

Needing | cake. Always.

Smelling | oh, erm, Charlie?

Wearing | braids, ponchos, and jazzy socks

Following | Eddie Izzards Sports Relief challenge.

Noticing | how much quicker we go through milk when Rob is back. 

Knowing | it will all work out in the end.

Thinking | about how we are going to apply the Family Arts Standards to the venues we work with


Opening | up our Audience Development plans, and scratching our heads.

Giggling | at the double entendre’s in our office.