The cakes of 2014

the cakes of 2014Friends of Culturapedia will know that Culturapedes like a bit of cake. We have two birthdays a year. Our birth one and our Culturapedia one.

It’s been a mixed up year with Culturapedes coming and going. Lyndsey and Pete both had their full quota in 2014. Stephie’s had her real one but Jack and Matt are yet to score a cake at all. Beana, who worked with us as a Strong Voices Curious Minds intern got one as did Eoin before he left us. Claire also worked with us this year but left before either of her birthdays 🙁

A big highlight came in August when Culturapedia itself celebrated its tenth birthday in style with a party in the office. There was cake, pineapple and cheese on sticks, jelly and ice cream, not to mention a whole host of party games!

We’re in for a treat next June as Matt, Stephie and Jack all started on the same day. We may need a three tiered cake for that one.