The Department of Wow and Wonder

It’s been a few months of hard work for Source Creative, but today we said “Go” to the launch of our fantastic new website.

“Wit woo!” I hear you cry. Well here at Culturapedia we don’t do things by halves.

We set Source Creative the task of creating a site that demonstrated our playful nature. A site that could operate as a CV for our achievements as well as a portal for our current projects and new ideas.

Source Creative confided in me that they’re pretty proud of the fancy coding they’ve done on this site. We’re incredibly pleased with what they’ve produced for us and we’d love your feedback on the site so that we can continue to improve it. Our website is our ‘Department of Wow and Wonder’, it’s our shop window and we’re making a promise to keep it well stocked with treats and goodies to keep you interested.

So bookmark our Adventures page and follow us on Twitter, we’re live with a great new site and bursting with great ideas that you need to keep an eye on.