The mind of the IPAM

Hello world!

I’m Culturapedia Lyndsey and I’m a culturapede. It feels a little like some sort of confession to a close group of like minded individuals at present but I’m especially proud to be a culturapede. I’ve worked in the Arts for a good few years now, in many guises. I’m currently an IPAM (Information and Project Administration Manager). I’d say I’m mostly a ‘reet good’ arts administrator, but I also work as a freelance artist, a singing teacher, a lecturer and erm well… I’m often asked what I’m doing to fix world peace but I figure I need to take that one step at a time!

I’m especially interested in how the arts can transform lives and quality of life and I think that’s what makes working as a culturapede very exciting, challenging and exceptionally fun.

So as a culturapede I welcome you to my thoughts on stuff – I’ll warn you now, I am a great fan of the phrase ‘stuff and things’. By that I mean, ‘doing stuff with things’ and ‘doing things with stuff’, it’s what we spend most of our lives doing!

So, in the spirit of the work everyone in our office seems to be engrossed in at present I have decided on a mission statement and plan of action for my blog:


  • My mission (should I choose to accept it) is to boldly blog on a regular basis with honesty, dedication and (hopefully) good grammar. To offer readers an insight into the mind of the IPAM and to bring some Geordie wit along for the ride.

Action Plan

  • Blog… regularly
  • Don’t blog unless you have something to say and don’t bring the company into disrepute by blogging it
  • Treats are not optional, they are essential to a satisfactory blog