This is the dawning of the age of aquarius


You join me at a time of great stress and worry, as I find myself swept up in the paranoia of opening a brand new season of theatre shows for Plugged In. We have over 10 shows (11) to cram into 4 months. It sounds kind of easy when you write it like that, but given each one takes around 60 hours to promote and set up, regardless of any other outside commitments, then it soon adds up.

Therefore, this blog post will be about how I cope after a long day of flyering in the snow, teaching 9 years olds the brilliance of pass the pen and helping Stephie eat, what is quite frankly, flooring substitute.

First and foremost, I enjoy the masterpiece that is the cat concerto. This is the best cartoon ever created. The dedication to perfect timing, the study of the facial reactions and the suitability of the sound effects mean it may never be surpassed.

Secondly, I also do a sideline in blogging for Preston City Wrestling. It’s a real treat to go and watch wrestling anyway, so to be part of the scene and have a say is tremendous fun.

Lastly, I don’t know if any of you have experienced the pleasure of shooting your housemate with a Nerf gun, but it never gets old.

Thanks, bye, live like tomorrow is yesterday. Buy low, sell high. God gave rock’n’roll to ya!


This is me relaxing after stress