We Are The Champions

TrophyLast month the Culturapedia team went on a bit of an adventure to the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

The day involved boats, ducks, long wet tunnels and lots of envisioning as we dreamt up where the company will be in five years time.

In my opinion, we will be the cultural champions of the country – you will see us Culturapedes at some glitzy award ceremony bigger than the Oscars, we’ll be at the podium clutching an award, gushing through tears – “We’d like to thank the Arts Council for all their support, they never stopped believing in us!”

Of course this will be in five years time, where the community arts are taken as seriously as the big Hollywood blockbusters…

For now however, I am pretty happy with my little gold star trophy, recognition of the incredible work we do and the incredible people we are. It is hand size, travel-friendly and doesn’t take up as much of the mantel piece as those ghastly Oscar trophys.