What a difference a year makes

Forgive me Culturapedia.co, it has been four months since my last blog but I have a really good excuse… errr, reason for my lateness.

We’ve just been so busy! In November 2011, I had my second Culturapedia birthday. At that point I took stock and I looked around me. On my first birthday it was just me, the two Directors and the office dog, on my second birthday I was surrounded by the Culturapedia team: Claire, Eoin, Kerry, Paul, Rob, Sue and Charlie. I still got my cake and my card but this time I had a lot more people to share it with.

So, I began my career with Culturapedia as an Information and Project Administration Manager. I began my second year as Company Manager, a promotion, a team of staff to manage and a number of projects to oversee within the Company. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still responsible for Spot On parcels and project websites and I still avoid making the tea at every opportunity.

It’s looking like a year of exciting challenges, new developments with mailout.co – our first national summit in London, a new phase of web development to enhance our subscriptions, new funding bids and new board members. I begin my training for programming Spot On seasons – along with that I have to learn to give some of my marketing role up to our newest member of the team, Jaffer. Management of four staff members, one of which is 16 and starting her career in journalism by doing an alternative Saturday job as a mailout correspondent as part of the Blaze project.

We still aspire to hosting a cohort of students towards the summer months following such a successful trial run last year, and somewhereto_ is ensuring each of the team do their bit on getting sign ups and finding active spaces in the North West, with a series of somewhereto_ shop spaces planned throughout the year as well as other one off activities.

Add to all of that Preston Guild and our other general workload over the course of the year and it’s looking like I have a really good excuse not to blog all that often! But I’ll do my best to keep you informed as we go along.

If you want to find out more about what we get up to when we’re not eating cake and celebrating our ‘office birthdays’, let me know: lyndsey@culturapedia.co